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October 31 2017

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Lil axolotl pals ✨

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Anyone else vaguely concerned with how they got “that” photo

Because I am

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Bird Kingdom by Kelsey Eng - Swan Queen, Sparrow Girl, and Crow Knight

I’ve been meaning to post the full set here for a while! I really loved this project and hope you enjoy it too! Thank you so much for all the love on the Swan Queen. More info about the painting process is in my book :^)

Instagram | Website | Store

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Introducing a very good concept: Ezra with curly hair. Dave? Take notes

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#this enrages me every time i see it for the simple fact that john mulaney would have been 15 when princess diana died #which begs the question #if he’s lying #does that mean he did it?

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‘f’ Process GIF! 

You can support me for more steps, videos, PSDs, high-res versions here: http://patreon.com/Kuvshinov_Ilya   <3

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Hey guys

If You’ve been around Tumblr a while, you’ll probably recognize the artwork of @modmad

Be it from her lovely dhmis work…

Or maybe from her gravity falls period…

Or maybe from osomatsu-san?

Or mp100?

Or perhaps you may know her as the person who singlehandedly built/revived the Magicstone tag and the Gladstone gander fandom

Or even from her thesis film, Skip

She even did some great work in the Steam Powered Giraffe and Ace Attourney fandoms, as i’m told

Why am I bringing all of this up?

Because mod is currently working on a kickstarter to publish a second volume of her webcomic, The Property of Hate!

As you can see, as of today, October 30th, there are only 9 days to go and we’re barely halfway there

Why should you care about Tpoh? Well, in addition to being a charming, heartwrenching, pun-filled and exciting adventure, it also features an extremely diverse cast of characters. The main characters are a young british-indian girl and her telly-headed guide (who is canonically pansexual, with both a girlfriend and an ex boyfriend appearing in canon). There are a wonderful pair of wives, a nonbinary main character as well as a genderfluid one, and all kinds of amazing twists and turns. Not to mention the art is amazing

Basically, if you’re not reading it already, you definitely should. And you should also help Mod make this amazing step forward into getting her story out to a broader audience.

The kickstarter link is here

And you can start reading the comic from the beginning here

Or see more of mod’s collected work here or on her Tumblr blog, @modmad

Please, help a great artist and a great person make her dreams come true!


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The #1 Mercy main in the world is a trans lesbian, the #1 player in the world for ALL FIGHTING GAMES is a guy with a boyfriend… 

you know what that means babey… 

video games are gay culture for real

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He bounce 


costco - horny

ikea - sexy

target - mystical

October 30 2017

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A Cat’s Hunting Technique:

Spot the prey.Practice a lot of restraint and pretend that he doesn’t notice anything.

Pace around a bit, maybe hang out in the other room while keeping close watch over it.


Bat it around until bored

Then walk away as the bug wonders what happened.

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One of the best Mercy and Lucio players are trans lesbians, Overwatch has been saved 🏳️‍🌈

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I had to make this because I am so afraid, my dudes

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